I've been making movies since I was a teenager. Alright, most of them weren't that great, but I had a lot of fun. And that's what it's all about. Whether I am making a home video, a PSA, a documentary, or a short dramatic or comedic piece, it is all about the story and using my creativity and imagination to tell it.


I love movies. I love stories. I want to hear your stories, and will tell them in the most beautiful and entertaining way possible, whether it's the story of your family, your business, a true story that the world needs to hear, or a fictional story that is near and dear to your heart. 


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After graduating from college with a degree in liberal arts (call me crazy, but my thought was that learning philosophy, history, and literature would help me be a better storyteller) I started devoting more serious time to video production: making promotional videos for small businesses and crafting my own short films. Even though I was taking a more professional approach to my work than I had in high school, I was still having a ton of fun, and winning some awards along the way.   






























Finally, it was time to make the leap and start my own company to do video production full-time. And that's where I am today, looking for stories to tell, honing my skills, and having a blast while doing it. 



We are ready to tell your story.